A Journey of 35 海闊天空

1 July, 2018 @ 5:55 pm – 8:00 pm
Uptown Cinemas
511 Queen Anne Ave N
WA 98109
Seattle Taiwanese American Film Festival presented by TAP-Seattle
A Journey of 35 海闊天空 @ Uptown Cinemas | Seattle | WA | United States

Join Seattle Taiwanese American Film Festival for the documentary showing of A Journey of 35 海闊天空

Sunday July 1, 2018
5:55pm A Journey of 35 海闊天空 (84min)
7:25pm Closing Remarks

Location: SIFF Cinema Uptown
Ticketing: https://www.siff.net/year-round-cinema/seattle-taiwanese-american-film-festival-x21376

Five Taiwanese teenagers, faced with sweeping and untested educational reforms in 1996, revealed their dreams, and then revisited again in 2006. Now, another decade later, we find out if indeed they were able to chase their dreams.

Over the 20 years their lives are documented, the five stories slowly unfurl before our eyes like precious scrolls. Much like watching ourselves grow, one discovers when going back suddenly to the age of fifteen that life was full of choices, and every step taken was a form of energy. Five true stories. Together again, giving us the chance to see ourselves through them.

1996年,台灣教改的開端,捕捉了五位十五歲少年夢想的起點。如今,二十年時光流轉,他們夢想實現了嗎?他們的天空是否真正「海闊」? 跨越二十年的長期記錄,每十年一次的回訪,五個人生故事如同捲軸一般,在眼前慢慢展開。就像看著你我經歷過的成長,驀然回首十五歲的起初,才發現,原來人生充滿選擇,跨出的每一步都是能量。五個真實的故事,與您一同重新看見,那心中的「自己」。

Director: Yi-Hsiu Lo
Year: 2017 | 84min
Language: Mandarin with subtitles

About STAFF:
Seattle Taiwanese American Film Festival (STAFF) showcases films by Taiwanese and Taiwanese American talents. The films selected center around the universal themes of home(land) and family portrayed through hyperbolized drama and breathtaking cinematography.

It is presented by Taiwanese American Professionals – Seattle. And in partnership with the University of Washington Taiwan Studies Program, the Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival, and the Los Angeles Taiwanese American Film Festival
For more information about STAFF, visit SeaTAFF.org

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