Ski Trip

Greetings skiers and snowboarders!

The time everyone has been waiting for!!  Our popular ski trip is back!!!

Please join TAPS for a trip to Stevens Pass on March 7, 2009 for some fun on the slopes.  We welcome skiers and snowboarders of all levels!

Check out these maps of the Stevens Pass ski area (front and back).  With a wide variety of terrain and an awesome backside, Stevens Pass is one of the best ski places in Washington State!  Please RSVP!!!

Here are the trip details:

  1. Please wear ski/snowboard clothes and bring your ski/snowboard gear (if you have them).  Waterproof clothes, helmet/cap, and goggles are recommended!  We recommend walkie-talkies as this will be the communication method between cars in case someone gets lost in the caravan.  If you are a driver, please bring chains (in case the road gets icy!).
  2. For carpool…let’s meet at 8:00am at the Bellevue Wilburton Park-N-Ride (off exit 12 of I-405).   We will then assign carpools, and we will head out at 8:30am to Stevens Pass.   Here are the directions to the Wilburton Park-N-Ride (Google Map Here).
  3. And here are the directions to Stevens Pass (Directions To Stevens Pass).  Depending on the traffic, a drive one-way would take roughly 1.5~2 hours.
  4. After everyone arrives at Stevens Pass, let’s meet at 10:30am by the clock tower.  At the end of the day, let’s meet at 5:00pm inside the Granite Peaks Lodge.  We will leave Stevens Pass at 6:00pm.  As for cell phone reception, if you have Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile…then you should get reception (in most areas of Stevens Pass).  However, AT&T will not work!
  5. And now for the money (please bring cash):
  6. Cost for transportation:  $10.00 / passenger
    Price for lift ticket:  $51.00 / person
    Price for ski/snowboard rental*:  $33.30 / person
    Price for 2-hour group lesson*:  $35.00 / person (minimum 4 people needed)
    Price for Easy-Starter package (lift ticket, rental, and 1:00pm lesson)*:  $78.00 / person
    * = Rentals and lessons normally require one-week notice.  However, our group coordinator at Stevens Pass will accept rentals/lessons reservations by March 4.

  7. RSVP deadlines (choose a or b):
    1. If you need a lift ticket, rental and/or lesson:  please RSVP (with comments “I need rental” and/or “I need lesson”) by March 4, noon.
    2. If you only need a lift ticket:  please RSVP by March 5, noon.
  8. Also, if you are willing to drive, please include comments “I can drive” in your RSVP.  Drivers will be compensated by $10 per passenger (for gas and wear/tear on vehicle).
  9. If you have questions, please contact Hang Chen at (510) 225-5242 (cell) or

We hope everyone will have a great time.  See you at the slopes!.

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