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Mission Statement
TAPS is a 501(c) not-for-profit organization providing networking opportunities, engaging in community service, and fostering social interaction among young Taiwanese and Asian American professionals.


About TAPS
In March 2004, a group of energetic Taiwanese American professionals in the Greater Seattle area formed an organization that would provide a platform for young Taiwanese and Asian Americans to network and support each other.
The inaugural TAPS event was a Career Panel held at the Taiwan Center on April 2004. To our delight, the panel of seasoned professionals held a lively discussion with 40-50 attendees. Since then, TAPS has grown from the original few to over 500 members of all ethnicity and races.
Our TAPS members have set up three working committees and add additional ad hoc committees as needed:

  • Social
  • Community Service & Scholarship
  • Professional Development

TAPS has regular social/networking events such as JiaBun (Dining out), LimJiu (Happy Hours), ice-skating and hiking.
Our community service efforts have flourished with projects such as the Mentorship Program, Scholarship Program for high school students, holiday toy drive and other community outreach and educational events.

TAPS has also held special events like auction fund raisers, indoor rock-climbing, Lunar Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt, kayaking, etc.
We welcome your ideas and suggestions for activities and events. We love to hear from you! If you are interested in joining our committees or should you have any questions, please email us at taps.in.seattle@gmail.com.

Click here to see TAPS bylaws.


Officers 2008-2009

Tina Wang

Tina was born in Taiwan and moved to Guam with her family when she was 5.  While she calls Guam home and values the island culture and upbringing which have shaped who she is today, she also takes pride in her roots and heritage as a Taiwanese.  Tina moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington where she studied Microbiology and Economics.  Following college, she decided to stay in Seattle to begin a career as a Financial Advisor helping people achieve their financial potential. She enjoys dining, outdoor activities, live music and theatre, and good company.  Tina has been involved with TAPS for over 3 years as the Professional Development Committee Chair.  As TAPS President, she strives to promote culture and community within TAPS so individuals who are interested in or identify with Taiwan will have a place to connect. 












Will Huang
Vice President

Will Huang was born in Bellevue and has lived abroad. He has lived in places such as LA, Taiwan and all around the Puget Sound. Will graduated from Western Washington University with his Associates Arts and Science degree. Currently, Will is working on his BS in Computer Science. During his little leisure time, Will helps those who really need him as an agent from John L Scott; he helps with selling and investing in this current market. Will enjoys networking, socializing and dining with friends, snowboarding, and most of all, traveling abroad. He speaks, Mandarin, English, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Spanish.

Huey-Yi Sung
Social Community Chair

Huey moved to Seattle about 3 years ago and immediately joined TAPS where she met great people and established a community of friends.  She has served on the TAPS board as the Community Service Committee Chair and is the current Social Committee Chair.  We are excited to have Huey’s involvement as she is passionate, outgoing, and simply full of great ideas and fun.   




Lei Chen
Membership Committee Chair










Lei is a business analyst at Bank of America.  She moved to Seattle 4 years ago and loves it here!  In her spare time she enjoys dancing, cooking, and many outdoor activities including tennis, hiking, and skiing.  She is excited to be helping out TAPS this year!















Chia-Wen Chen
Professional Development Committee Chair











Chia-Wen came from Taiwan in 1998 for college. She graduated with B.A. in Psychology from U of Washington and M.A. in Counseling from Seattle University. She has been working with children, immigrants and families, as well as college students and young adults in various counseling settings. She also actively participates in professional counseling conferences and associations. Currently working in Asian Counseling and Referral Services and Cohear.org, she has passion to promote cross-cultural understanding and assist diverse population. She would like to see TAPS as place where Taiwanese American professionals can connect and grow ”inside out”. Friends describe Chia-Wen as ‘moxie and insightful.’ She thinks she cracks herself up all the time. Chia-Wen enjoys reading, journaling, singing KTV, hiking and ‘sensible’ risk-taking fun activities.












Andy Shen
Community Service Chair








Andy grew up in Massachusetts. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon Universty in 2005, he decided to try out the west coast and moved to Seattle to work for Microsoft as a software engineer. He has been having a great time in Seattle so far. In his spare time, Andy enjoys playing basketball and tennis. He also loves to travel and is always looking to try out new things.  Andy has been involved with TAPS board for over two years.






Elina Chen
Marketing Committee Chair






Born as second-generation Chinese American, Elina calls Seattle her ‘true home away from home.’ She moved to the city from Portland, OR since 10 years old– and was college educated at University of Washington. With great ambition, she decided to advance academics in Master’s of Digital Media & Management. Currently, she works for a Fortune 100 company as Senior Marketing Manager. With a sassy & charismatic personality, Elina enjoys the rich dynamic of cross-cultural interactions, social community awareness, & opportunities to engage with TAPS members in Taiwanese customs, food, and language. These aspects are what motivates her to become the TAPS Marketing Chair since summer 2008. Feel free to introduce yourself the next time when meet her at any of the professional development, community service, & social events. .

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