2014 Taiwanese American Conference – West Coast

Hello, TAPpers,

We are happy to welcome you to take part in the 2014 Taiwanese American Summer Conference – West Coast (TAC-WC) . This year’s TAC-WC’s main organizer is Taiwanese Association of Greater Seattle (TAGS) and will take part from Friday, July 11th, to Sunday, July 13th, at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Strengthen Our Footing In The New Land, Foster Our Vision For Our Homeland.” The conference celebrates our success in North America as Taiwanese Americans, as well as highlights some of the issues important to us. To achieve that goal, we have invited many speakers to our conference. TAP-Seattle has coordinated with the organizers of TAC-WC to provide a series of English-speaking workshops for our Taiwanese-American population. The English-speaking workshops include Julia Lin, the author of Miah, and Brock Freeman, the Director of ACT. Our keynote speakers are Chang Jung Christian University Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies Professor Emeritus Chuang Wan-Shou (莊萬壽), author Cao Chang-Qing (曹長青), and Doctor Yang Si-Pei.


If you have any questions, please contact the TAP-Seattle liason, Eric Chang at 310-426-8308 and . You can also contact the main conference organizer, John Chou at 206-660-2778 and or John Yang at 425-605-2468 and .

More information about the conference, including how to pay and sign up, can be found here: . The payment instructions on is for mailing through a physical address. If you wish to pay and sign up electronically, please complete the registration form at and make a PayPal payment to . Please complete a separate registration form for each attendee.

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The following are selected topics of English speakers

Speaker: Julia Lin

Topic – Role of the Taiwanese Immigrant:
What makes us Taiwanese and how does that impact our role in North American society?  What are our responsibilities to Taiwan, especially as the second generation of Taiwanese immigrants become mature adults?  What does the future hold?  As an assimilated “generation 1.5” immigrant, Julia Lin will share some thoughts about these and other questions from both historical and contemporary perspectives bolstered by selected readings from her books.

About Julia Lin:
Julia Lin was born in Taiwan and lived there and in Vietnam before her family immigrated to Canada when she was nine.  Since then, Julia has lived in Vancouver and its environs, Toronto, and northern British Columbia.  She holds a graduate degree in Immunology (M.Sc., University of Toronto) and a post-graduate degree in computing education (University of British Columbia) and has taught high school math, science, and computing science in British Columbia for a number of years.  Her writing mentor, M.G. Vassanji, encouraged her to complete the short story collection, Miah, after she submitted the first stories in the 2009 Humber Creative Writing Program. Julia lives in Vancouver.

Speaker:  Brock Freeman

Topic – House of Cards: Taiwan in the Washington D.C. Game
Taiwan has a long history in the Washington D.C. game. It caused a historical power play of Congress against the Executive branch, resulting in the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act. What can be learned from the history of Taiwan in the D.C. game, and how can refinements in how we play the game in the future move the Taiwan issue forward?

About Brock Freeman:
Brock Freeman is the Director of American Citizens for Taiwan, and all volunteer NGO that works to raise awareness of the importance of Taiwan’s democracy to America’s own democracy, security, and economy. ACT created a solution, targeted at the Internet generation, to see current Taiwan related legislation in the U.S. Congress, and then quickly and easily message members of Congress to support that legislation. Mr. Freeman’s background is in product/process techno-functional management consulting, and has experience in the United States, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. American Citizens for Taiwan can be found at


Below is the schedules for Saturday and Sunday sessions:

(7/12) Saturday: $40 for the whole day (admissions to the workshops below as well as the keynote speaker in the morning and Taiwan Night)
(7/12) Saturday: $20 for half day (admissions to the workshops below as well as the keynote speaker in the morning but does not include Taiwan Night)

9:15-10:15am (Keynote Speaker #1)
莊萬壽 (Taiwanese and Mandarin)

10:15-11:15am (Keynote Speaker #2)
楊斯棓- 環島演講,公民思辨 (Taiwanese and Mandarin)

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm (2 Workshops)
Option #1:  Julia Lin:  Role of Taiwan Immigrant (English)
Option #2:  李學圖 – 海外台人對台灣的責任 (Taiwanese and Mandarin)
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm (2 Workshops)
Option #1:  賴怡忠: Taiwan-U.S. Relation Adrift (English)
Option #2:  楊斯棓 – 用詩來讀台灣史 (Taiwanese and Mandarin)

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm (2 Workshops)
Option #1:  Brock Freeman:  Taiwan in the Washington. DC Game (English)
Option #2:  林銘新 – 在美創業經驗 (Taiwanese and Mandarin)

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm (2 Workshops)
Option #1:  賴怡忠 – 學運之後 向台美同鄉進言 (Taiwanese and Mandarin)
Option #2:  王文隆 -建立台美人歷史計劃和思考 (Taiwanese and Mandarin)

7:15 pm – 9:30 pm (Taiwan Night at HUB South Ball Room)
主持人: James Chen & Marge Wang
節目:兒童合唱團‧鋼琴獨奏 ‧三重奏‧松年會夏威夷舞‧帶動跳‧saxophone‧笑話‧白鷺鷥合唱團‧等等

(7/13) Sunday: $20

9:30-10:15am (專題演講)
曹長青 – 從瑞士新加坡模式看台灣獨立


About the conference: The Taiwanese American Summer Conference has been organized by Taiwanese American Associations for the past 30 years across North America. It provides people with an opportunity to understand Taiwanese and Taiwanese-American issues so as to strengthen the Taiwanese-American community.

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