TAP-SEA Presents: Improve Your Life and Work Through Erikson’s Theory


Hi, all, there’s an urgent update to this event.

Columbia Tower Club has announced a move in the event time slot. They have moved us from the original Saturday, December 5th 12pm-1pm time to Friday, December 4th 6:30pm-7:30pm time. We apologize for this modification. All people who have signed up for the event have been contacted individually to make sure that you get this message. Hor d’oeuvres and light refreshments instead of lunch sandwiches will be provided according to the new time slot. Again, we apologize for this unexpected change to the time of the event.

Time: Friday, December 4th 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Location: Columbia Tower Club @ 76th Floor, Columbia Center, 701 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104
Attire: smart casual (denim is permitted)
Cost: Free, a short assessment form at the end of the presentation is required.

** The sign-up is now closed, thank you for your interest **

Space is limited. Please sign up at to secure your seat.

“Sincerely Me”
Guno O. Ritfeld, J.D.

A motivational presentation based on Erikson’s Lifespan Development Theory. “Sincerely Me” is a reflection of events that makes us who we are. What makes one person persevere while another fall? Why does some people have the command presence and others do not? “Sincerely Me” is a motivational presentation that allows us reflect on the events in our lives and propel us forward.

Free hor d’oeuvres and light refreshments will be provided by the Columbia Tower Club.

Guno Ritfeld is the founder of Resolute Mediation and Arbitration Inc and well as the Alternative Dispute Resolution Academy- online. Since 2010, he conducted presentations on various subjects to include, domestic violence, difficulties when dealing with a divorce as well as motivational presentations on overcoming life’s adversities. Guno Ritfeld enlisted in the U.S. Army when he was 23 and upon his return from combat operation in Iraq in 2004 he was honorably discharged for education enhancement. He earned a BA in Psychology/Education and a Jurist Doctorate degree while furthering his studies in a masters degree in Marriage and Family therapy. It was the break in service where he discovered Erikson’s Theory which changed his few of live and decided to continue his service as a Commissioned Officer. Today, he serves as a Captain in the U.S. Army as a Human Resource Director, Mediator and Arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Association and Resolute Mediation and Arbitration Inc. He is Certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Family and County Mediator and as an approved Arbitrator and County Mediation trainer.

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