52Hz, I Love You Seattle Screening

Come join TAP-Seattle and other Seattle Taiwanese associations in UW iTaiwan’s screening of “52Hz, I Love You”, the latest film by director Wei Te-Sheng. (English captions provided) No matter if you are a fan of Director Wei, Taiwan, or movies, we welcome you to come enjoy the event with us.

You can request tickets from , they are $12 per person.

In a very rare opportunity, you can watch the film before it even arrives at the theatres and also see the director/actor at our event during this Seattle segment of their US tour:

Time: 11/6 (Sunday) 4:00pm – chat with the director after movie showing

Location: Kane Hall

In the form of a musical, this film portrays life in Taipei Taiwan, as well as explores the struggles and frustrations of seeking love even in a city with so many people. Like the tone of 52Hz from a lonely whale, we all from deep inside cry out for answers to our wishes in a relationship.

The story of the film originated from a whale named “52Hz” who makes a mysterious sound captured by a naval ship in the Pacific Ocean, which had never been heard of before until that day. 52Hz is the frequency of his voice, and was oddly different from his species which usually sings and communicates at 15-20Hz. People wondered, why does he sing a tone for only to himself, how did he become such a lonely whale? The story of 52Hz is all around us. Although we all face loneliness, loniness is only the beginning, what we do from that is the best part of the story.

This film will release in Taiwan 2017, and includes many sceneries of Taiwan. Wei Te-Sheng hopes to show audiences around the world the idea of love of a young adult in Taiwan. And through a lighthearted way, Director Wei wishes for us to feel the depth and happiness of life through his masterful storytelling and the universal language of music.

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