TAP-Seattle Wine Party

11th floor community room, 1823 Terry Ave, Seattle, WA
Call 396 on the call box.
Once you get in, go to the 11th floor community room
Friday, November 1, 2013

Welcome to TAPS first wine party!
Participants: Please be familiar with the rules below to help us stay organized
Spectators: enjoy the show
Rules of the Game:
1) Each contestant brings two identical bottles of wine, each under $30. The first bottle will go into the wine tasting, while the second bottle will become part of the winning jackpot.
2) The first bottle of each wine will then be entered into a blind tasting by everyone. The only information on the covered bottles will be the bottle number and the type of wine (i.e., #1 Cabernet, #2 Malbec, etc.).
3) Everyone will cast vote on his/her favorite top three wines.
4) The top three wines by votes will win the jackpot (the choosing/splitting can be done at the party depending on how many bottles we end up having).

You don’t have to participate in the wine contest to come to the party! You can still be part of the tasting and voting, just not the winning.

Before the end of the contest, no one is allowed to talked about or show their own wines to any other person, whether or not that person is participating at all in this contest, just for fairness’ sake.

Please practice the honor system in the voting process (don’t try to bribe people!). HOWEVER, if you can recognize your wine’s taste from just the blind tasting alone, feel free to vote / tell other people to vote for your own. (just hope you’re not wrong!)

You can bring red or white wines, just preferably not champagne because the sparklyness WILL stand out.

In the event of a tie, the winners will split the jackpot by some mutually agreed-upon method.

Please try to be on time if you are participating in the contest so we can get everything setup.

Please let TAPS board members know what temperature you want the wines served. We’ll try to accommodate.


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